Look At These 3 Key Things When Shopping For an Air Cannon

If there's a constant blockage of materials in your silo or bin, you may find it necessary to buy an air cannon. This device is attached to the side of your silo or bin to prevent the blockage by blasting out the blocked materials with highly pressurised air. However, before you buy an air cannon, you need to evaluate some factors because different air cannons are designed to handle different types of material blockages. Read More 

Three Ways to Make Australian Food Processors More Efficient

Food processing is a massive industry in Australia. The sector employs over 500,000 people across the country, sells AU$53 billion of products every year and exports $40 billion worth of meat, fruits, dairy products and processed food items. In such a competitive area of the economy, finding profitable opportunities isn't always easy. Here are three ways that Australian food processors can modernise their operations and make their businesses more efficient. Read More 

Can You Replace Your Single-Glazed Windows With Double-Glazed Windows?

If you have single-glazed windows and want to replace them with double-glazed windows, that decision can help to boost the energy efficiency of your home. However, in most cases, you cannot do a straight swap with these two types of windows. Here are some ideas to consider: 1. Widen the channel in the sash to fit in two panes. The difference between single- and double-glazed windows is that the former have one pane of glass while the latter have two panes of glass. Read More 

Buying Insulated Roofing Panels the Pro Way

A new entrant in the roofing world is fast making its way to popularity as an inexpensive, energy-saving option for roofing. Insulated roof panels are made by laminating a polystyrene core with layers of steel on both sides. The underside is made smooth, giving a good ceiling-like impression when within the structure, while the top side is profiled and coloured to various designs for different roof effects. Insulated roof panels are a good climate control feature for any type of architecture. Read More 

Should You Buy Wood or Plastic Pallets for Your Facility?

Wood pallets are somewhat traditional and are also easy to find for sale, but many facilities today are also using plastic pallets, either in addition to traditional wood choices or instead of them. If you need to buy pallets for your shipping, warehousing, or manufacturing facility, note a few considerations that might help you make the choice. Eco-Friendly Wood is probably much more eco-friendly than plastic; while plastic can be recycled, this process involves heat to melt down the material—and this heat means fumes and other such pollutants. Read More