Building Demolition: Tips To Help You Minimize Your Loss In A Demolition Project

A building demolition project can be quite costly, especially if you don't know how to manage the process in the most economical way. You can make the demolition project more economical by identifying ways to cut costs and minimize losses. Below are essential tips and guidelines to help you minimize the costs and losses incurred in a building demolition project.

Carry Out a Comprehensive Audit

Carrying out a comprehensive audit of the building about to be demolished helps prevent damage of valuable materials found on the building. You should have the audit carried out before the demolition begins, so you can have a full account of the materials to be redeemed.

Also, if you're planning on rebuilding, it's best to have the pre-demolition audit done at the design stage. Doing the audit at the design stage helps identify ways the materials redeemed from the project can be of use in the upcoming project. Remember that it's advisable to hire a professional who has the expertise in carrying out pre-demolition audits.  

Look Out for Salvage Rights

Hiring a demolition company that offers salvage rights to its clients allows you to cut on your demolition expenses significantly. Having salvage rights means that a demolition company can take valuables obtained from your demolition project for resale.

It's advisable to check if you can get a deduction on the cost of the demolition that is equal to the value of the salvaged materials. Also, it's important that you inquire if there are materials from an old building the demolition company does not salvage. So, if the company doesn't salvage some valuable items, then it's advisable that you find a place to sell them yourself.

Sell Building Valuables

You can cut your demolition expenses by selling valuables on the building to local vendors who may be interested in the valuable materials. For instance, you can visit local junkyard vendors who sell construction, second-hand materials and have them survey the building for valuables that they would want to buy.

For example, you can approach a concrete recycling company within reach and get to know how you can recycle concrete obtained from the demolition. Concrete recycling involves turning demolished concrete surfaces into reusable concrete. So you can resell the recycled concrete and make money or use it in a forthcoming construction project and save on construction costs.

It's possible to minimize the cost and losses incurred in a building demolition if you know what to pay attention to. The tips above can help you minimize losses and save on demolition expenses significantly.