3 Benefits of Using Extrusion to Make Plastic Parts

If you need to find a way to produce plastic parts, then extrusion is a good option. This process melts plastic and then pushes it through a die to create shaped pieces. The plastic then cools and hardens.

What are the advantages of using plastic extrusion?

1. Fast Production Times

If you order high volumes of parts, then you need to find a manufacturer that can make and ship your orders quickly. Any delay in this stage of your production process affects your own manufacturing capabilities.

Plastic extrusion is a fast process. Extrusion specialists can produce high volumes of items with consistent quality levels at speed. Even if you have to make last-minute orders when you run out of parts, you should be able to get new supplies at short notice without extra manufacturing costs.

2. More Production Versatility

Some plastic production techniques might not work with your specifications. You might need to use various processes to create the finished results you need. You might have colour, shape, material and size restrictions.

Plastic extrusion is a more versatile process. You can customise the extrusion process to meet your needs more closely both during and after the extrusion process.

For example, you have fewer restrictions on colour, size, shape and thickness. Extrusion machines have few limits.

Plus, the fact that your parts will still be hot when they come out of the extrusion process is useful. You have a time window to make post-extrusion changes to refine the shape, size and texture of your parts while the plastic is still malleable. So, you can add customisation to your parts that you might not be able to achieve during the primary extrusion process.

You can also customise the make-up of the plastic you use on your parts. For example, you can use additives to change its characteristics. This is useful if you need to make your parts stronger or to reduce the amount of friction they contain.

3. More Cost Efficiency

The price you pay for your parts affects your overall costs and profits. It makes sense to look for a low-cost manufacturing process that doesn't compromise on quality.

Plastic extrusion helps you do this. The process itself is a cost-effective way to produce high volumes. It doesn't waste materials but reuses surplus plastics. If you use materials efficiently, then you lower their costs.

You also have lower tooling costs here. Plastic extrusion machines don't use expensive tools; their dies are robust and cost-effective to produce.

To learn more about plastic extrusion products, contact a manufacturer.