6 Proven Benefits of Overhauling Your Compressor System

An air compressor is a piece of pneumatic equipment that converts atmospheric air into dense, highly pressurised air that can be stored for different uses. If you rely on an air compressor for your daily business needs, chances are that you haven't thought of overhauling it. Once it starts showing signs of failure, you must be prepared to know when it's time to call in a repair specialist. This article discusses six reasons why you should consider professional compressor overhauls. Read on to learn more. 

It's Cost-Efficient     

Investing in a brand-new air compressor is an expensive endeavour. However, a less costly alternative is overhauling your air compressor. During the overhaul process, all the faulty components undergo restorations back to proper function, revamping the compressor. Proactively maintaining and repairing the unit will help bring down overall costs. 

Increased Reliability and System Uptime 

An unplanned system outage is very expensive, leading to delays, production deficiencies, reputation damage and high labour costs. However, you can maximise component reliability and equipment life span with excellent maintenance. Additionally, proactive maintenance of your air compressor helps alleviate unexpected outages by anticipating and remedying issues before a breakdown. 

Minimises Methane Emissions

Faulty air compressors can significantly contribute to methane gas emissions. Damaged parts, including valves, connectors, and compression units, can cause extensive methane leakage. Overhauling the compressor can help identify the fault lines or damaged parts, which are fixed to prevent further leakage. Regular maintenance of your air compressor is imperative to avert methane emissions. 

Enhanced Air Compressor Performance 

Every company aims to maximise production quality and performance output. You can achieve a consistently functioning air compressor that doesn't have operational hitches with proper maintenance. Overhauling your air compressor will help it function at its peak performance level, with enhanced production output.

Enhanced Safety

Safety is paramount in any workplace, and it's your obligation as the business owner to ensure your employees are protected from potential dangers arising from faulty compressor units. One way to ensure these systems are safe is to proactively maintain them to flush out any safety hazards and severe breakdowns. A system overhaul is recommended to ensure every hidden issue in your air compressor is identified and fixed. 

Increases Your Equipment's Lifespan 

Air compressors generally need considerable investment in terms of resources. One way to ensure this equipment performs optimally is to conduct a complete system overhaul. Proactive maintenance will shield them from costly breakdowns. An effective maintenance plan will ensure you get maximum value from your investment.