Scissor Lift Hire Tips

Scissor lifts are your best bet when you need to work at heights. Scissor lift hire is a suitable option for people that cannot afford a new lift or those that need the equipment for short-term use. Read this detailed guide for some tips on how to hire a scissor lift. 

You need to decide what type of scissor lift you will use at your site. Below are some tips to help you choose an appropriate scissor lift. 

  • What is the scissor lift's power source? Electric and pneumatic scissor lifts are ideal for indoor use since they do not emit any fumes.
  • Decide the height limits and weight limits of the lift. Ideally, the lift should handle more loads than the maximum weight you will lift. It ensures you do not overwork the equipment.
  • The platform must be wide enough. This is especially true if you will have more than one person on the platform.
  • Go for a rough terrain scissor lift if you will work on unstable grounds.
  • The scissor lift that you hire should have safety features such as guard rails and emergency stop buttons.
  • Check reviews from other contractors to identify durable scissor lifts models. Remember, you do not want downtime caused by defective scissor lifts. You will also need to assess the scissor lift's ease of use. 

Conduct some research to identify equipment hire companies that have the scissor lift that you require. Choosing one company over the other can be pretty confusing. Therefore, check the terms of hire to determine which companies offer the best services. For instance, you would be interested to know whether the company will provide transport services. Besides, inquire if the company provides an operator. It is an essential consideration if you do not have sufficient experience in scissor lift operation. 

Most scissor lift hiring companies will have competitive prices. As such, it would be wise to check the extra and hidden charges. For instance, if you intend to hire the lift for an extended period, check whether the price varies. Some companies will increase the standard fees during weekends or the high season. Inquire about the lift's repair and maintenance costs. Typically, the company should conduct routine servicing when the scissor lift is at your site. However, the company could ask you to bear the repair costs if you intentionally damage the scissor lift. 

Remember to observe safety when using the scissor lift. For example, do not overload the lift or use it when it is in motion. Additionally, conduct routine checks to identify defects that could cause accidents.