What To Expect During A Fire Servicing Operation

Fire servicing is an important process that should be undertaken regularly by all owners of commercial or industrial properties. The process seeks to keep your property fire-ready and compliant with all Australian safety codes and regulations. If you have not sought the service before, this article will help you understand what to expect. Read on to find out.

Inventory taking

First, the team will go around your property taking inventory of all the fire systems you have. This will allow them to classify all the fire systems you have in place, and where. More importantly, this process will allow them to see if there are any underserved areas on your property that could use more fire equipment. Once done, you'll get a report on your fire equipment inventory as well as recommendations on new equipment you should add (and where), as well as any outdated equipment you should upgrade.

Inspection checks

This is where the bulk of fire servicing lies. The team will go through every fire system that you have and inspect it to make sure that everything is working as it should. This will include:

-          Checking fire extinguishers for classification, function, and expiry dates.

-          Checking fire suppression systems, i.e. fire hoses, fire sprinklers, fire tanks and their plumbing systems.

-          Fire emergency warnings, e.g. alarms, siren, smoke detector, etc

-          Smoke suppression systems

-          Fire signage , e.g. exit signs, fire doors, etc

Repairs and replacement

After the inspection is carried out, the team will undertake repairs or replacements on all faulty systems. This may include:

-          Replacing fire extinguishers

-          Repairing fire reels or fire hoses

-          Replacing fire blankets

-          Repairing fire warning lighting

-          Repairing fire plumbing systems- gas, water, foam, etc.

Tagging and commissioning

Once done, the fire service team will tag your fire maintenance certificate/sheet and commission all fire equipment as fire-ready. This commissioning act is important because it means that your property is now in line with the Australian building code, local council requirements, and the set industry standards. Commissioning also means that you have met the requirements agreed upon between you and third parties such as property agents insurance, financiers, etc.

Fire servicing is a legal mandate of property owners as stipulated under the Building Code of Australia (BCA). If you haven't sought the service yet, talk to a licensed fire protection company and make them your regular inspection and servicing provider.