Buying Insulated Roofing Panels the Pro Way

A new entrant in the roofing world is fast making its way to popularity as an inexpensive, energy-saving option for roofing. Insulated roof panels are made by laminating a polystyrene core with layers of steel on both sides. The underside is made smooth, giving a good ceiling-like impression when within the structure, while the top side is profiled and coloured to various designs for different roof effects. Insulated roof panels are a good climate control feature for any type of architecture. During hot days, the insulation prevents most of the solar radiation from penetrating your home and heating up the interior. On cold days, most of the heat within is retained, lowering the energy used in your home for heating.  

Buying insulated roof panels may seemingly be a confusing endeavour for any homeowner new to the world of insulated products. Here are some basics you will need to look out for in order to make an informed choice on your roofing panels.

Insulated roof panels vary

Not all insulated roof panels are similar in action or intended use. The panels vary in thickness, type of metal used, quality of finish, and many other particulars. A simple call to solicit a quote would not be sufficient to get the exact perfect roofing panels you want. The variations in insulated roofing panels will also affect their durability and insulation potential. Thicker insulation results in heavier panels that offer extraordinary insulation, but the resultant bulk may be damaging to your roof structure. If you are installing insulated roof panels only as patio and deck covers, as many people do, you may want to go with less thickness.

Opt for a one-company fit

It is possible and common for people to buy panels and then find a roofing contractor to handle the installation. While there may be no harm with this, using one company for the manufacture, purchase and installation of your insulated roof panels has its fair share of advantages. The one-company fit ensures that you can rely on their expertise with their own products for your final result. Otherwise you would end up at the hands and mercy of either the quality of the panels you bought or the contractor's expertise.

Ask for the right material

Finally, when buying insulated roof panels, bear in mind more than just the insulation they will provide. Consider also the combustibility of the product, the various resistances of the product like corrosion and thermal resistance, the strength of the panels, and even the dimensional stability of the panel. Another factor you may want to think of is fastening. With panels that are poorly fastened, the insulation ability of the roof usually diminishes considerably.