Maintenance tips for commercial lawn mowers during spring.

When the sun finally makes an appearance and the temperatures start to rise, then it's time to take your lawn mower out of storage. The heavy work anticipated as grass makes a vigorous reappearance during spring means that your lawn mower has to be in tip-top condition. Some inspection is also in order to ensure it still works properly after the long period of disuse during winter. Such equipment requires constant maintenance; otherwise, you'll have to deal with recurring repairs. If you are a landscaper or a property manager, then a commercial lawn mower will play a major role in your income. Here are some tips to ensure it works effectively.

Service the hydraulics.

The hydraulics in your mower are some of its most sensitive components. When contaminants such as dirt and grass make their way into the system, the hydraulics can lock up and cease to function. Clean the entire system thoroughly and replace the filters as they may be clogged by dirt and debris. Don't forget to check the oil in the system to ensure it isn't contaminated. If the fluid inside is foamy or milky, simply drain it and refill the system with fresh oil. Also, replenish the fluid if it is low as insufficient oil will slow its operation. If there is rust or damage, contact hydraulic repair services for repair.

Cleaning thoroughly.

Before you begin using the lawn mower for the season, remember to do a thorough cleaning. Whether or not you cleaned it before storage for winter isn't an issue. It is an important opportunity to discover how it fared in its disuse. If it came into contact with snow melt or salt, there may be extensive rusting and corrosion which has to be dealt with. Use a stiff brush to remove the rust and maybe repaint the commercial mower. Apply grease or wax to its body to allow for easy future cleaning. Remember to regularly clean the mower even as you use it during spring to avoid accumulation of dirt. Such dirt can be damaging to the engine and other components.

Look after the mower blades.

Keep the blades of your commercial mower in peak condition throughout the spring. This will allow for fast and even cutting for a better job. Blunt blades will leave patches of untouched grass that leave the lawn looking shoddy and unfinished. Therefore, make sure you sharpen your mower blades with a file or dremel whenever they get dull. Bent or warped blades should be replaced.